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Les Entreprise Lamcoil Inc. Lamcoil, c'est plus que de la finition
Trifles make perfection,
and perfection is no trifle.
(Léonard de Vinci)
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Germs, beware!

Breezing down a slope?

Diane De La Boursodière, 18 years and counting!

In order to better serve you, Lamcoil now offers a file transfer application, which allows you to send us your documents through the web, no matter what the size!

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First-class printed finishings in the province of Quebec

About Lamcoil

Leader in commercial lamination services, Les Entreprises Lamcoil specializes in printed material finishings, whether your documents are conventional or digital.

Since 1995, numerous printers from everywhere around the province of Quebec are among our clientele, and they trust our company more than ever.

Top quality finishing services

Here is a short list of the services offered:

Outstanding service

Our clients expect nothing less than the highest standards of quality. We guarantee worry-free delivery of all your documents, within the required time limits.

We are very proud of our unparalleled customer service. Discover our service +

Rigorous quality control policy is one of our top priorities. Discover our quality +

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