Our plastification service

Why plasticise?

Plastification, which is a process similar to Lamination, may be used to protect your document between two plastic films, while giving it more rigidity.

Plastification is essential to protect your printed materials and increase their durability. Your plasticised documents will be resistant to physical deterioration: tear, dirt, fingerprints, humidity, smoke, and other damages, and this for a very long time.

Many items may benefit from plastification:

  • Promotional tools : notices, posters, signs, etc...
  • Certificates and diplomas
  • Photos
  • Letters
  • Printed material
  • Restaurant menus
  • Business cards
  • ID cards
  • And much more

Our plastification equipment

In accordance with our quality control policy, our plastification equipment is regularly maintained. We work on four lines of production: two lines that are fully automated and two other line that are semi-automated and equipped with electronic sheet cutters. Moreover, thanks to our wide selection of plasticising films, you are sure to find the perfect protection for your documents.

Specifications and plastification service capacities

Size 2’’ x 3’’ 25’’ x 38’’
Thickness 120 M 24 pts



  • Regular polyester (offset printing and black/white .0017 - .003 - .005 - .010
  • Digital polyester (digital printing) .0017 - .003 - .005 - .010

FINISH (2 sides):

  • Gloss
  • With or without edge
  • Semi-gloss .0017 - .003
  • Mat .005 - .010 - .003


  • Avoid anti-offset spray

What can Lamcoil do MORE for you ?

Contact us at (450) 682-4444, and discover our other Die making, Plastification, Die-cutting and Lamination services. 

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