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LAMCOIL is a leader in commercial lamination, specializing in finishing of UV, conventional and digital print materials. We have been in business since 1995, and have built a reputation for high-precision work and fast turnarounds. Our fleet of thermal film laminators is one of the largest in Canada, giving us a production capacity of 300,000 sheets/day.

We also offer complementary services consisting of plasticizing, die-making and paper converting using eight printable films. 2018 marked an important turning point for the company, with the addition of the innovative LTD Collection of thermal films and a paper converting service.


Paper Converting

Use you own paper or choose our selection


Paper converting is a new service offered by LAMCOIL. We manage 2 options:

  • Chose our selection of laminated paper
  • Send your own paper for lamination using the 8 films from the  LTD Collection.


Delivering top-level expertise and production capacity for over 25 years


For over 25 years now, LAMCOIL has been meeting printers’ needs with a fleet of laminators that is one of the largest in Canada. The company is recognized for our team’s expertise, our state-of-the-art equipment and our proactive customer service.


Service complémentaire au laminage : la fabrication de matrices simples à complexes.

DIE-MAKING Martin Beaulieu, 2018

Dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs, LAMCOIL added a die-making service over 25 years ago. We combine attention to detail and advanced numerical tools to deliver a flawless finish within a very short timeframe.


Service complémentaire pour protéger vos travaux

PLASTICIZING Martin Beaulieu, 2018

A process similar to laminating, plasticizing uses two plastic films to protect your documents and make your work more rigid. LAMCOIL has four plasticizing lines to meet our customers’ needs, and the dexterity of our team ensures quick, clean results.

LTD COLLECTION – Printable films

Exclusive thermal films, available for any quantity within 72 hours.

LTD COLLECTION – Printable films Martin Beaulieu, 2018

LAMCOIL presents a unique selection of eight outstanding thermal films with advanced technological qualities for amazing effects. In silver, black, gold and white, these printable films can be used on any quantity, large or small, with a turnaround of under 72 hours.

Laminated or converted paper

Looking for already laminated paper? We will send you your bases within 24 hours and put you one step ahead in terms of time and delivery.

Discover the eight films of the LTD Collection in our inspiring “Discovery Chest”.