Save time on standard-format printing

Since early 2018, Lamcoil is offering a series of printable films from the LTD Collection. This new technology paves the way to new interesting products. We are proud to be the first to deliver paper conversion from printing films in Canada.

Order a pre laminated paper

You’ll save time by ordering a pre laminated paper from the Lamcoil products range. First, check out the printable films in the LTD Collection to choose your finish.

Second, call us for advice on the type of paper required and warehouse availability.

Please join us at 450 682-4444

You thought about laminating your own paper?

Choose a film effect from the LTD Collection and make your paper delivered directly to our warehouse. We will prepare your paper ready-to-print quickly. A great way to give life to “boring” paper !

To get an estimate:
call 450 682-4444

or write directly at:

20’’ X 28’’ 28’’ X 40’’ 28’’ X 40’’

Considering the quality of the Collection LTD films used, we recommend using glossy papers.

How can Lamcoil go beyond your needs ?

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You are welcomed to reach us at: 450 682-4444