LAMCOIL has specialized in lamination for more than 25 years. Our production capacity makes us one of the largest laminators in Canada.

The company has achieved this enviable status by building a large fleet of laminators, by cultivating precision-focused expertise and a constant drive to innovate and improve our processes. Lamcoil is aimed to offer noveltis products for its loyal customers.

The Lamcoil "Innovation Collection"

Discover two new films with fascinating properties.

The film EKO, “Soft Touch Smudge Resistant” which offers a remarkable resistance to the finger prints. Mainly recommended for all types of black or dark backgrounds that make the spots more visible. This film can be used on regular and some digital  or digital presses.

The film CARA, “Sandy Matte”. This film provides a grainy tactile effect very interesting to enhance a concept. This film can be used on regular  and some digital presses.

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Lamcoil Lamination Equipment

LAMCOIL is proud of our state-of-the-art equipment, which includes six automatic laminators that can be adjusted for a multitude of applications. The specifications below will give you a sense of the company’s production capacity.

3 x 40” Conventional offset printing
1 x 30” Conventional offset printing
2 x 20” Digital printing*
*These are dedicated laminators for digital work. They can reach maximum speeds of 295 feet/minute, allowing for larger volumes and better service.


Lamcoil lamination equipment

Laminating is the process of covering your printed document with a thin layer of clear plastic (film) in order to extend its life and enhance its appearance. Laminating should not be confused with plasticizing, which makes the paper stiffer and yields a different finish.

Many items can benefit from lamination:

Certificates and diplomas, photos, printed material, restaurant menus, business cards, identification cards, notices, danglers, tent cards, signs, etc.



Minimum Maximum
Size 8″ X 8″ 40″ X 56″
Thickness 200M 24 pts
  • Standard films: Polypropylene, polyester, AGX, Lay-Flat, Scuff-Free, digital
  • Specialized films: Printable films, Soft Touch from the LTD Collection
  • Three finish options: Gloss, matte, sensory

Allow a ½” margin on all four sides of the printing board.


  • Avoid anti-offset spray, even if this technique proves to be less and less used.
  • Always allow a minimum of 12 hours before any other operation on the laminated sheets.

How can Lamcoil go beyond your needs ?

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